As we get bigger we will need more help. If you have time and wish to volunteer check out our needs below. If you have some skills not listed but of beenfit please contact us here

Volunteer Jobs

SEO Expert - Webdesign

We have done our best, but we are no IT professional. We would love to improve our SEO ranking and our website in general. If you have skills in that area and wish to help email us here

Physician List Data Entry

We are creating a Physician and Allied Health Master List. We currently have hundred of names and data points to enter. This requires mild IT knowledge. If you can search websites and input data in an excel like spreadsheet (emails, phone numbers, weblinks, doctors pictures etc) this would be great busy work.

Please contact us here

Graphic Design

I'm......not an artist. I would love if I could work with someone to create future graphics to help during awareness months etc or pictures required for the website. Contact us here

Product Design

We would love to offer NICE shirts, mugs, pencils etc. If you are able to help us with this or have a printing business please contact us here We would LOVE to make some pins!