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What is your story? Share your story so others can know about your life with Chiari and/or Syringomyelia. We want to share your story!

  • Stories should be around 1000 words.

  • Each story should focus on one aspect of your Chiari/Syringomyelia journey.

  • Chiari and Syringomyelia Australia may contact you to discuss your story further.

  • Submissions are accepted only on condition that publication of that material is not under restrictions on its publication. We cannot accept any submissions that are already copyrighted.

  • Chiari and Syringomyelia Australia reserve all and final editorial privileges, including the right to choose not to use submissions which may be edited at the discretion of the editorial staff.

  • Please submit at least one photo to accompany your story via the link or email us.

  • Any questions should be addressed to with the subject "Stories"


                                                                                                        Thank you for your participation!

Tell us your Chiari and/or Syringomyelia Story 

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