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Crowns for Chiari 

Crowns for Chiari.png

Crowns for Chiari is a new campaign to help raise awareness for Chiari Malformation. Every 2nd Saturday in September. We ask that you wear a crown and share it on your social media with the hashtag #crownsforchiari


Crowns can be whatever you want. You can buy one, make it from paper, flowers, digitally add on. The more creative the better!


Why Crowns? Well, it starts with C! Though not only that, Crowns draw focus to head and help start a conversation of what's going on underneath. The Chiari awareness colour is also royal purple, so fits in with that theme. Finally, anyone can wear a crown, boys, girls, adults, kids whomever you are!

We look forward to seeing lots of crowns this September!

We also have a cool sign you can hold up

with your pictures to let people know

what the go is - click here

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