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IMPORTANT: Symptom lists online have frequently been based on patient-reported symptoms. These are frequently NOT updated when we learn about people having an additional diagnosis (like Chiari) they didn't know at the time of reporting symptoms. Not everyone will have symptoms and some will only have a few depending on where their syrinx is. A syrinx can cause dysfunction below the syrinx, but due to how the nervous system is configured its unlikely symptoms above the damage are from the syrinx
We will do our best to try and highlight those symptoms but this list should NOT be taken as a definitive list.  
  What Causes these symptoms? 
  - Compression of the nerves in the spine
  - Progressive weakness in the limbs
- - Pain
  - Difficulty walking/mobility issues
  - Inability to feel hot/cold
  - Numbness
  - Scoliosis
  - Bowel and/or Bladder Dysfunction 
  - Muscle Weakness or numbness in arms/hands (may also be due to syringomyelia)
  - Stiffness
  - Muscle Weakness/Spasticity
  - Paresthesia/Tingling in limbs
  - Balance Issues
  - Sexual Dysfunction
  - Autonomic Dysfunction
- -
We are not a medical site, we do our best to give the most up to date information but the information provided should NOT be used in lieu of professional medical advice. 
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