1000 Acts of Awareness for Chiari

Join Chiari and Syringomyelia Australia creating awareness this September. Chiari impacts 1 in 1000 people, so we are wanting to do 1000 Acts of Awareness! Help raise knowledge and awareness of Chiari by doing as many Acts of Awareness during September. We even have a prize for the person who does the most Acts of Awareness.

Be sure to share your Chiari Acts of Awareness with us on and tag us with @cmsmaus on Facebook, Instagram or @chiariaustralia on Twitter. We would love to shout out your social media posts. Please also use the hashtags #chiariawareness and #1000actsforchiari

To be in the running for a prize submit the following by the 5th of October (earlier better)

  • Your name (First and Last)

  • Email

  • Number of Acts performed 

  • Screenshots of awareness posts 

  • Links to Youtube videos 

  •  to chiariaustralia@gmail.com 

If you are the winner we will post on our Social Media your first Name and Last initial and contact your via email to arrange shipping of your prize. Due to the pandemic shipping may take awhile so please bare with us while we calculate everything.


The compeition is only open to Australian residence due to the current pandemic, but please still free to raise awareness and let us know so we can caluclate how many acts were done! We would love to thank you!

Acts of Awareness

Share your story

Share your story here so Chiari and Syringomyelia Australia can post on our social media. Or share your social media using hashtags #chiariawareness and #1000actsofawareness and @cmsmaus

Put on Purple!

The Chiari Awareness colour is purple! So share pictures on social media of you wearing purple with the hashtags #chiariawareness and #1000actsforchiari and @cmsmaus Zipper accessories will always look brilliant!

Wear a Crown on the 12th of September

Crowns for Chiari is our new awareness campaign. On the 2nd Saturday of September (12th) don your crown and share pictures! #chiariawareness #crownsforchiari #1000actsforchiari and @cmsmaus You can make your crown out of anything! You can buy it (bridal and cheap jewlery stores like Louvisa have a great range). You can make your own crown out of paper, cardboard, flowers, a cool necklace pinned on. Whatever you want! Use our sign too download from here!

This is Chiari

Take a picture with our sign! Print your sign here and decorate! Remember to use the hashtags #chiariawareness and #1000actsforchiari and @cmsmaus Also submit your picture to chiariaustralia@gmail.com to be part of a collage we will make at the end (if we have enough)

Show your creative side

Share you Chiari pieces of Art, poems, creative writing, videos etc. Post on your social media using hashtag #chiariawareness and #1000actsforchiari and @cmsmaus or post to us here for us to share on our Chiari Australia social media.

Create a Chiari Awareness Video

Upload a video on Youtube about your story, what Chiari means to you etc! Send us the link here so we can add you to our youtube video collection and social media. Please also add our website address www.chiariaustralia.com.au somewhere in the video to help share the message and the hashtags #chiariawareness #chiariaustralia #1000actsforchiari

Share any of our Awareness Material

We will be putting up heaps of awareness material here on our public facebook page and here. So feel free to share on your social media using the hashtags #chiariawareness and #1000actsforchiari and @cmsmaus

Decorate your Scar!

Scars show what we surived and should be shown with pride! Use (safe) facepaint, glitter anything your heart desires and show us your scars! Share pictures on your social media with hashtags #chiariawareness #chiarikintsugi and #1000actsforchiari and @cmsmaus. Please also send us pictures here so we can create future collages. Don't have a scar? Draw one or paint your face with awareness stuff! Kintsugi - is a Japanese Art form that repairs broken pottery with gold, silver or platinum. It treats the breakage and repair as part of the history rather than disguise it.

Other Ideas

There is no limit to what you can submit for this challenge as long as it raises awareness! Write letters to your Government, share awareness on radio stations, TV, magazines! The sky is the limit. Just make sure to take screenshots or let us know how we can check it out when you submit your final count. Any questions just email us here


While we currently are not a charity yet we are happy to take donations on either Ko-fi or our paypal to help run our website and support group and let it grow. If you would like to make a donation to a Charity we love American Syringomyelia and CHiari Alliance Project and Conquer Chiari.